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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – The “Floss that Refreshes”


flossSummer time brings to mind lots of “F” words. Words like Fun, Frivolity, Farmers markets, Flossing, Freedom and Family all come to mind. Lots of “F” words. Wait, what are you thinking about right now? This is a family publication by a family dentist in the family community of Brampton – what kind of “F” word were you thinking? Since we are talking teeth here and making the most of our summertime smiles, the only “F” word we want to talk about today is flossing. Yup – that’s right, flossing. Did you notice that particular “F” word slipped in amongst all the others? It’s never too late to start flossing and it’s always a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of a good floss!

Let’s face it, when the good weather comes and families hit the road for a much-needed vacation, some of our normal good oral hygiene habits might fly out the window. It’s interesting though, because sometimes, the summer season more than any other is when we should be paying extra special attention to our teeth. Enjoying nature’s bounty in the summertime can lead to a plethora of problems plaguing our perfect smile.

Corn on the cob comes to mind immediately! How can anyone eat corn on the cob and NOT give their teeth a quick floss immediately after? In fact, I might even go so far as to suggest that serving corn on the cob come with a mandatory flossing pick for your guests. They may not admit it in their “out loud” voice but I bet they would appreciate it! Corn is not the only problematic picnic food. The bevy of bountiful berries available in the summer sometimes have sticky skins (blueberries come to mind) and no one wants to be “that guy” – you know, the one with something stuck in his teeth that everyone sees but no one says anything about. Even apples and another “F” word, the fuzzy skin of peaches, all occasionally lead to bits and pieces between the teeth. Flossing regularly will help prevent embarrassing moments like this from happening to you. Think of flossing as an ounce of prevention against blushing, from embarrassment that is!

Well that’s basically it folks (couldn’t resist yet another “F” word!) Really our blog today is just our humorous and gentle way to remind you that even those these are the lazy, hazy, fun days of summer – the need for flossing never goes away. It really should become (if it isn’t already) a regular part of your daily routine. Even just once before bedtime is better than no time at all…although we really, really, do highly recommend the “post-corn on the cob binge” floss. For cosmetic and hygienic reasons! When you are all done flossing, remember, as always, we invite you to call or visit us anytime and remind you ”don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”


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