Brinkley Dental will be closed from December 23rd through January 2nd for the holiday season.

Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Happy Holidays!


In keeping with the holidays we thought we would keep our comments a little bit shorter this month – giving you all the more time to enjoy the reason for the season – regardless of what your reason is! First however, we would like to say a huge thank you to the many people who stopped by to support our 15th Anniversary celebration and to congratulate the winners of our Ipad, Fitbit and Dinner at Antica Osteria giveaways. In keeping with the spirit of “it’s better to give than to receive” it was also our pleasure to donate (as part of the anniversary celebrations) a cheque for $500 to Honeychurch Family Life Resource Centre in Brampton.

Speaking of giving, if you happen to celebrate Christmas during this season of many holidays and if you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas, we’ve got a great one for you! Toothbrushes, toothpaste and even dental floss are super. They are a useful and inexpensive idea that is always popular. This might be the one time of year that you choose to allow the kids to be a little more flamboyant in their use of dental appliances – stuffing the stocking with the Batman, Dora or Star Wars themed toothbrushes is a great idea. Since a toothbrush really should be changed frequently (every 3 months or so is recommended) the holiday season makes a great excuse for changing toothbrushes and letting the little ones have their own choice of “favourite” brush for just awhile. Toothbrushes, despite being in water often, are actually a hotbed of microbial activity and due to frequent use, wear down quickly. Get a cute one for the post Christmas brushing routine and then within three months revert back to your regular (more suitable) Dentist approved toothbrush of choice.

holidaysWe would never want to put a damper on the season whether by encouraging a limit on sweets or reminding you incessantly about brushing. These are both important however, so like the current good advice suggests: “make good choices” and also “enjoy all things in moderation.” Each will go a long way to maintaining good oral health throughout the holidays. What’s more important than all of that good advice? It’s this: however you celebrate the holiday season we hope you are able to do it with friends and family and loved ones. Remember, the Brinkley Dental Team is happy to be a part of your life, promoting healthy teeth for a healthier you and we wish you every joy and happiness this holiday season. Call or visit us today and as always: ”don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and Brush that SMILE!”

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