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Tooth Talk with Brinkley Dental Group – Getting Married? Tips for a Brighter Smile!


Perhaps it’s a bit cliché but June is certainly known as a month for marriage. Even during these unusual pandemic times, many folks are choosing to get married – often in new and unique ways – perhaps with just a few less people in attendance. One thing has remained constant though and that’s the desire for a bright white smile that reflects your happiness on the day and helps create stunning photos, the pictures that will provide great memories for years to come. If you’re planning a June wedding, or a wedding anytime in the near future, consider these tips and tricks for a brighter, whiter smile!

    • Let’s be honest. We might be a team of Dentists and Dental Hygienists at Brinkley Dental in Brampton and our focus is typically on teeth but the first tip we have to share is the most important one: Just be yourself! Your smile is your signature style and the last thing you want to do on your big day is change it up somehow. Perhaps the reason your soon to be spouse originally fell in love with you is because of the charming little gap between your two front teeth. Now is not the time for a major dental overhaul purely for cosmetic reasons.
    • Take the time to get your teeth cleaned. A good cleaning might be all most people need in order to brighten up those pearly whites. It’s a safe, non-invasive procedure done daily in our offices. Not only is it an important part of your ongoing dental health, if you’ve been doing it regularly all along, you shouldn’t feel the need to try out any kind of tooth-whitening process.
    • If you are considering tooth whitening, we’ve shared some thoughts before on what to consider. Here’s the “highlight reel” of things to think about before you have any procedure done:
    1. If using over the counter products, consult with your Dentist first, particularly if you have sensitive teeth. Be sure that the product is right for you AND your teeth. Sensitive teeth can be aggravated by treatment and capped teeth will not respond the same as your own teeth.
    2. Over the counter bleaching and surface whiteners are different. Surface whiteners can take are of temporary stains while bleaches, containing peroxide are capable of altering the colour of teeth. Remember the point immediately above this one however, when considering the risks of bleaching.
    3. If you want to feel confidant in the results of tooth whitening, it’s best to work with your Dentist. Brinkley Dental offers this treatment – after consultation with you.
    4. When to get your teeth whitened is as important as how. Why? Sometimes after a treatment you will experience some sensitivity. It’s also usually recommended that you avoid certain foods and or beverages that are known for staining teeth for a period of time after the treatment. For that reason – you may not want to schedule a whitening procedure the day before your wedding! You’ll want to enjoy every last detail about the day including the food, the wine and the coffee!

There you have it. If there’s a wedding on the horizon and you want your teeth to shine, talk to us first. We’re happy to play a role in your big day and help to ensure your teeth are an important part of your smile. Most of all, we encourage you to relax and enjoy your special day. If you do, chances are your natural smile is sure to look amazing. That’s all for now and as always, we remind you, “Don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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