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The Power of a Smile


You may not think to much about the psychology behind a smile, perhaps even taking it for granted. It’s an almost involuntary reaction when we are happy or laughing, when we hear some good news or when we greet friends and family. But if the last two years behind a mask has taught us anything at all – it’s the important role that a smile plays in our overall sense of humanity. It’s what connects us to others, it’s what allows us to visibly show our thanks and appreciation, its what we do when we laugh. On an emotional level, a smile means so much and for two years we haven’t seen any of this from anyone. If you have problematic teeth maybe this makes you happy but for most of the rest of us, we hope it’s safe to say you’re working on preserving those smiles now so that when you can finally share them with the world again, you’ll have beautiful white teeth to show off! If you don’t – talk to the team at Brinkley Dental.

A smile has been proven to have many psychological benefits – or as this quote suggests – perhaps it’s the other way around; “An article in psychology today suggests that “most people think that we smile because we feel happy, but it can go the other way as well: we feel happy because we smile.” Sounds like a “chicken and egg” question to us – in other words, impossible to answer. What we CAN answer is how to start the process of fixing your smile – if fixing it is what you want to do – and just in time for when those masks finally come off!

Plan a visit with the Brinkley Dental team located in north Brampton for a full assessment of your teeth, mouth and gums. We’ll take X-rays and complete a full dental examination to determine what the key areas of concern might be. Perhaps you just think your teeth need a good clean and we can provide dental whitening service. If you have some crooked teeth, we can determine if the problems are structural, require the removal of teeth and/or if Orthodontics is right for you. If you are missing teeth we can complete an assessment to determine potential courses of action such as a bridge, crown or dentures. Our friendly team can also help to review any available coverage you might have and how we can maximize your dental insurance to get as much of the work done as possible. Work can be scheduled around coverage availability and since we are soon heading into a new year, get familiar with your dental insurance policy and on renewal we can get to work helping you smile, hopefully just in time for when those masks are finally allowed to be removed!

It’s been a long time behind the mask and we’re pretty sure that most of you can’t wait to remove them. At Brinkley Dental we’ll always be masked up for your safety but if you don’t need to be, why would you? If you’re starting to think about smiling at others in the coming months but you’re concerned about the health of your teeth, mouth and gums, let’s talk now and make a plan for the New Year. You’ll be glad you did! In addition to wishing you a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays we’ll also take this time to say, as we always do, “Don’t forget to be a BFF with your mouth and brush that smile!”

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